How You Can Help

Donations Drop-Off: Donations can be dropped off weekdays 10:00am & 4:00pm or Saturday & Sunday 3:00pm to 4:00pm. If that is not convenient for you please let us know and we can make other arrangements.

1. Donate Money

2. Donate Food or Time

3. Partner With Us

Hundreds of hungry people in Concord seek food assistance daily. It is because of your unwavering support of The Friendly Kitchen that we are able to maintain our services.The Friendly Kitchen is totally dependent on the generosity of friends. Your gift, in any amount, will help ensure we have the means to provide a meal to every hungry person who comes through the door.


We now accept online donations. Click the Donate button above and you’ll be taken to a webpage where you can donate online (using a credit card). It’s a simple and secure 3-step process!

You may also send a check in any amount to The Friendly Kitchen. Simply send a check made out to The Friendly Kitchen and mail it to The Friendly Kitchen, PO Box 373, Concord, NH 03302. Thank you for your support!

Any food donations you make directly help us feed the hungry. One important way you can contribute is by organizing your own food drive to support The Friendly Kitchen. Your contributions help immensely, not only during the winter months. Feel free to contact us for ideas.

There are certain items that The Friendly Kitchen always needs, and if they are not donated we must purchase them. These include:

  • hot chocolate
  • powdered beverage drinks
  • powdered fruit punch
  • crystal light lemonade
  • gravy or gravy mix
  • large cans of tomatoes
  • large cans of vegetables
  • sugar
  • eggs
  • milk
  • orange juice
  • margarine
  • meats
  • oatmeal (not instant)
  • cereal
  • grated parmesan cheese
  • salad dressings
  • hot sauce
  • broth (chicken, beef, turkey, vegetable)
  • napkins
  • paper towels
  • toilet paper
  • deodorant
  • toiletries

Donate Time

Volunteers are a very important part of The Friendly Kitchen. Please contact us to set up a time to discuss our volunteer openings.

The Friendly Kitchen offers dynamic partnership opportunities, from publicized events to corporate grants — all to help end hunger in Concord.

Each year the Friendly Kitchen sponsors a very successful 5K Road Race Road Race and 3K Fitness Walk in Concord. Your company can help by partnering with us to become a sponsor of this event.

The Friendly Kitchen also hosts our 2nd Annual Drive Out Hunger Golf Tournament.  Your company can help by partnering with us to become a sponsor of this event.

Each year we also host a popular family-friendly concert by Grammy award winning singer and songwriter Dan Zanes. Your company can help by partnering with us to become a sponsor of this event.

By partnering with the Friendly Kitchen, you will receive exposure through our publicity campaigns for these fundraising events, mention on our website and quarterly newsletters. Partnering with us helps those at risk of hunger and gains recognition for your company’s charitable efforts. Please contact us about a partnership.

For more than three decades the Friendly Kitchen has relied on people like you to help feed those who do not have the means to feed themselves. Though faced with increasing operating costs and an increasing number of hungry people in the Concord area, the many volunteer hours and donations by individuals and local businesses are helping to keep the door to the Friendly Kitchen open to the homeless and hungry.

It’s easy to make supporting The Friendly Kitchen part of your family’s routine.  One woman brings by eggs from her chickens on a regular basis. Once a month an older couple brings by a grocery bag of coffee, sugar, beverages – whatever has been on our “items needed” list. One couple comes by a few times a year with over $300 worth of things from Sam’s Club for us.

Whether you are able to assist financially, provide needed food, or would like to encourage your business to become a partner, your help is very welcome!